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How amazing are these conceptual photos by Oleg Oprisco?!

Sexy naked dancing? Count me in! Loving this music video @hernameisbanks ‘Beggin for Thread’

Just fascinating. In the West African country of Burkina Faso, the isolated Kassena village of Tiébélé has an extraordinary cultural tradition. Captured by photographer Rita Willaert, the buildings are embellished using natural clay paints to show both pictographs as well as linear patterns. It’s so unique and special to this area I’m awe-inspired.

This is sooo interesting, Hitler had Heinrich Hoffman take these pictures of him practicing his body language. This is phenomenal, a very interesting peak into such a controversial figure. He should have been an actor, and gotten all his demons out.

This paper animation, I have no words, it’s so amazing. Marilyn Myller


This new style of destroying paintings is getting quite popular, and Cesar Biojo does a stunning job at it.

How amazing are these surreal photographs by Kostis Fokas?!?!

Who knew you could stitch up photographs and make them amazing. Diane Meyer does this and creates lovely art pieces.

Digging the new M+A “When” beats very much. MAkes me wnt to dance.


It’s a bit slow, but what an amazingly beautiful artistic video. Body paint, crazy outfits, awesome. Past.Present.Future


How cool and amazing is this video! Is like a newer futuristic version ‘Pleasure Principle.’ The ting Tings - Wrong Club. They remind us dance like nobody’s watching, preferable in a skin-tight bodysuit. lol

Hmm thank you very much, these are paintings?!! WTF?! Although I kinda think he’s a perv lol Exquisite paintings by Yigal Ozeri.

The video is so morbid, but the song is so good! ALT-J [hunger of the pine]


How cute are these surrealist photographs by Guda Koster?!

How amazing are these Valeria Vacca photographs. Such high contrast and polished looks, almost looks like paintings.