Living in an overwhelmingly stimulating world tantalizing my senses...
This is the daily journey of what I THINK, SEE, HEAR, and FEEL...
My name is Jull Weber and I'm a modern day Renaissance Man.
Welcome to my world.

How cool is this short, is like a funny pulp fiction. Made by Dmitri Basil Tangerine


OMG, how cool is this, glowing skiers at night, YOU have never seen snow like this! AFTERGLOW - Lightsuit Segment


Dope music video and a little history on CGI. Midnight Juggernauts - Memorium

"Go online and family is isolated." I absolutely love this art installation teachings us we’ve lost our rapport with our family.

DO you know what it is to sacrifice it all for just a kiss?? Neither does this guy, but his song and video are killer amazing. Christopher Norman - Sacrifice


OMG Her voice is so tripping me out! Amazing. “Offbeat” by Wildbirds & Peacedrums

Wow the choreography done by Will Simmons & Angel Gibbs choreographed by Keone & Mari is spectacular!
Flying Lotus - Never Catch Me ft Kendrick Lamar


I’m amazing what Bagrad Badalian does with make up and light. love his work.

This guy drowns his films camera before using them, into a cultivation of fungus mushrooms. How cool!!! Impermanence by Seung-Hwan Oh.

Spacey modern dance?! Amazing. I LOVE Sarh - U and I (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)


OMG a lamp that is lit by bioluminescent micro-organisms?! It’s magical! Ambio, bacterial lamp by Teresa van Dongen


OMG this girl can see two notes at the same time! polyphonic overtone singing by Anna-Maria Hefele

Why wouldn’t you want to wear a space suit anywhere/everywhere.

Amazing surreal frozen moments in time by photographer Ibai Acevedo.

Scarlett Hooft Graaflan has just convinced me with her photos, that I need to visit the Bolivian salt dessert!